is a cloud API for capturing online resources as pictures.

Website Screenshots

Capture snapshots of other websites and use them directly on your website.

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Image Thumbnailer

Scale images efortlessly with our image processing backend.

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PDF Generator

Convert websites to PDF documents avialble for your customers.

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Our API is super easy to use, have a look on examples below.

Capture Website Screenshots

Let's say you want to display a screenshot of some website on yours.

With API it is really easy. All you need to do is to use HTML's <img .../> tag and hotlink an image directly from We will take care of all the rest including rendering website's content and scalling it down.

Copy the following code snippet into your website's HTML to display a screenshot of Ubuntu landing page. You can, of course, change the website to any other.

<img src="" />

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Thumbnail Images On Fly

Beautiful websites are made of beautiful pictures, like this image of the infamous K2 mountain.

Pictures consume lots of bandwidth and take time to load. With you can speed up your websites by using our image processing backend to scale images to the right size saving lot's of your customers bandwidth. You can use our API directly or via a 3rd party CDN service.

For example to scale the K2 image directly from Wikipedia use the URL below.

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Generate PDF Documents

With you can efortlessly render a PDF document using a regular HTML website as a source. For example you can easily generate good looking PDF invoices directly from your website and provide a link to your customers or perhaps, simply get a PDF copy of the Hacker News.
Click on the button on the right to get it.

Hacker News as PDF? Easy! Use the following URL.

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